Jasmine You è Deceduto questa mattina (09.08.09)

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Messaggio da lucifer273 » 20 agosto 2009, 23:17

Che cosa triste,mamma mia....io ancora accetto la cosa ç_ç

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Messaggio da hi-chan » 21 agosto 2009, 20:12

Grifoncina ha scritto:La sua famiglia ha lasciato 2 messaggi nel blog ufficiale di Jasmine You davvero toccanti... :cry: Queste sono solo alcune cose, i messaggi sono lunghissimi :

Il suo ultimo desiderio é stato quello di vedere il cielo di Yokohama ma ha potuto vederlo solo dal finestrino della macchina perché non riusciva a stare in piedi. Gli ultimi giorni di vita in ospedale, nonostante stesse malissimo, ha voluto ascoltare a ripetizione il disco dell' HIZAKI grace project. Un altro suo desiderio é stato quello che al suo funerale fosse ''Jasmine You'' a tutti gli effetti con trucco e vestito eleganti dunque. Siccome tutti i vestiti dei Versailles si trovavano a Tokyo, l'hanno vestito con uno degli abiti che ha indossato durante il periodo dell' HIZAKI grace project e l'hanno cremato così. T_____T
Oh santo cielo
Piango ancora T_T
Poverino, è stato privato della sua vita nel momento in cui aveva iniziato a ricevere i frutti di lunghi anni di lavoro e tanta fatica.
Leggendo questo che ha scritto grifoncina, cioè i suoi ultimi desideri, non posso fare a meno che essere triste. Triste perché non voglio nemmeno immaginare come si sentiva nel sapere che da li a pochi giorni avrebbe smesso di vivere.
Spoiler: mostra
piccolo OT: ma quel testo l'hai tradotto tu, grifoncina? °O° Altrimenti sapresti dirmi dove posso trovare la versione tradotta??

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Messaggio da Grifoncina » 22 agosto 2009, 0:02

E' tutto in Giapponese, ho trovato la traduzione in inglese su un forum. Altre cose che si sono venute a sapere dai 2 messaggi dei suoi familiari : i Versailles e i membri della sua ex band Jakura erano presenti al funerale che si é tenuto a Tokyo (inoltre la famiglia dice che tutti i suoi amici erano presenti, quindi é probabile che ci fossero anche Kaya e Juka...), al rito della cremazione del corpo invece erano presenti solo i Jakura, il corpo di Jasmine al funerale era perfettamente truccato, pettinato e vestito (persino le sue unghie ha voluto fossero perfette e con lo smalto!), é stato il suo ultimo desiderio, ha voluto fortemente andarsene dalla vita terrena come ''Jasmine You''. :cry: Poverino...
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Messaggio da hi-chan » 22 agosto 2009, 0:09

Povero :cry:
Ma come, i versailles non erano presenti al rito della cremazione del corpo?! E perché mai? Non è giusto :cry:

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Messaggio da Grifoncina » 22 agosto 2009, 0:25

Non lo so come mai. :?
La sua famiglia ha anche detto che due giorni prima della sua morte l'hanno portato al cimitero per scegliersi il posto (che coraggio, povero ragazzo...) poi il giorno del suo funerale c'era un temporale terribile e qundo é iniziato il suo funerale é spuntato all'improvviso il sole... >___<

Ecco qui uno dei due messaggi della famiglia di Jasmine You tradotto in inglese :

To everyone who supported Jasmine You
To the fans and staff who supported Jasmine You, as well as each and every person who took care of him up until now...

As the family of Jasmine You, who brought the sudden notice of his death to everyone's attention, we are filled with despair not only for ourselves, but for the fans who had supported him.

In the past, Jasmine's blog served as an important means for him to discuss his own thoughs and feelings, and so we will borrow this space to talk to everyone about our current feelings as well as memories of Jasmine and things that he often talked about.

He had lived in Tokyo for a little over three years... after his previous band disbanded, he took part in a session band with his closest colleagues, and then when HIZAKI GRACE PROJECT started up again after a long break, he went to Tokyo.

For the sake of having his own personal wish granted, he engaged in the band called Versailles to the extent that he devoted his entire life to it.

Many memories float across our minds when it comes to him in Versailles... him standing upon a brilliant and large stage, the character he put a great effort into even behind the scenes, and how for approximately two years as Jasmine You he went to great lengths to live his life in his own way, while holding his fans dear. Those are the things that come to mind first.

His first "comeback" live in Nagoya as a member of Versailles, the announcement of Versailles' major debut at Shibuya C.C. Lemon Hall, the CDs and DVDs he poured his heart into, his first photobook, his first overseas tour, his television appearance... many of his dreams became reality, and he showed us many of his achievements.

Surely, there were hardships that we had no idea about...

Despite that, he cared about his fans, never complained, never talked negatively about anyone, and never lost focus on the makeup, clothing, speech, and attitude that others saw. That was how he lived his life.

There were times when he took a break from this lifestyle at home, we imagine, but we believe that when he went out, he completely acted the part of "Jasmine You."

He went to these great efforts for the sake of his own dream, and to give happiness and the will to exist to his fans who watched his every action and listened to his every word.

On the basis of this large ideal called Versailles, Jasmine changed himself little by little, studying hard to become like the other members of the band who he should respect. Various difficulties tested him but he obediently accepted them.

Jasmine You aimed for this dream and advanced forward and left this world halfway through what he had intended to do. We don't know if he had any dreams that hadn't come true, or if he had any regrets.

But, Jasmine You embarked on his journey with a truly peaceful face.

The people who looked after Jasmine and took care of him, his new and former bandmates, and his friends all came out to the funeral procession in Tokyo.
The number of people who came was surprisingly large. The feeling that Jasmine had a lot of people who loved him washed over us again.

We talked to several of the attendees, who were musicians themselves, and as we thought, we heard about the many difficulties that arise in the life of a musician.

The circumstances and standpoints differ from person to person, but when it came to Jasmine, he went above and beyond the intention of any musician, and he wished more than anything to attain his personal objective and attain his dream.

On the day of his farewell from Tokyo, it was violently rainy.

However, during the funeral procession, the summer sun returned, and the landscape which had become wet from the rain glittered radiantly. The sky was so blue that it made us feel dizzy.

It was like he was hiding behind the blades of grass, only to peek out and say with a wink, "it's Jasmine magic."

After that we returned to Aichi prefecture, where Jasmine had been born and raised, and his relatives and close friends who had so warmly watched over him came to say their final farewell.

People that had known Jasmine You for a long time were able to take their time in saying goodbye, even though his time in this world was so short it was like he had run through it in a hurry, only to take one last deep breath, which was the expression he seemed to have in the end. The wake was also held in Nagoya, and many different people gathered to where it looked like a class reunion after many years had passed.

Jasmine, who liked such busy gatherings, was undoubtedly happy about that.

The photo posted below is one that was featured in his first personal interview in the ROCK AND READ book that went on sale at the end of July.

These photos portray an extremely beautiful Jasmine You, and he was quite pleased with them.

Jasmine was deeply thankful to the reporter of the article who had so politely interviewed him, as well as the cameraman who photographed him. Because of that, we want to thank them as well.

On the night of his wake, he didn't have on his stage makeup... he just wore his usual, everyday makeup.

His complexion was good, and he looked as if he were the same energetic Jasmine You when he was alive, just sleeping... picturing that makes tears start to well up.

When he was under medical care, the nail technician said to him, "I hope that you can put forth just a little bit of energy" as his nails were decorated one by one, each with a different, magnificent design. Jasmine was able to give his final farewell to everyone in perfect beauty, all the way down to his fingernails.

The funeral itself was rather sudden, and because of that his Versailles costumes and photos were all left behind in Tokyo, so we dressed him in his HIZAKI grace project costume.

HIZAKI grace project was a band that became his first dream after he lost sight of his objective due to the disbandment of Jakura.

Jasmine always said that he had a lot of fun.

When Jasmine returned to Nagoya to perform after such a long time and took the stage in a lively way like he was in his element, that dream he had envisioned in his past band, Jakura, showed its true colors.

Before he passed away on the 10th, he listened to HIZAKI grace project's CDs on repeat for hours on end, and seemed to enjoy listening to such nostalgic music.

That quirky Jasmine You, who endlessly listened to his favorite CDs at that time, always had music close to him.

From time to time, when he was blessed with the opportunity to meet with senior artists who he loved so dearly, he was in such high spirits that he was like a child.

Music was truly an essential part of Jasmine You's life, and made him complete.

On August 12th at 10:30am, Jasmine rose into the blue summer sky to continue his journey.

At that same time, we heard that many people looked to the sky and sent their prayers.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Here, we have some words said by Jasmine You when he was alive, that we want to share with you.

These words are words of encouragement for the important people around him, who may have been hurt by something.

"No matter how far apart we have been separated from one another, the sky continues on everywhere, so during heartbreaking times, emotionally painful times, sad times, and even happy times, I am always near you."

The sky was a very special thing to Jasmine You.

Turn toward the blue, distant, infinite sky and whisper your problems, and your thoughts from those times will be able to ride on the flowing clouds and drift away.
If you feel lonely, we think he'd want you to look up at the sky, too.

We think that Jasmine You would definitely be there for you.

He also loved the night sky, and we believe that although he yearned for Tokyo, he was not captivated by Tokyo's night view.

A few days before his death, he was at a point where he was losing the battle with his body and wasn't able to go out on his own, but despite all of that he was able to see the night sky.

"It's been a few years... I want to see Yokohama's sky." Jasmine desired that, and his colleagues, who felt the same way, took him to Yokohama.

At that point he was unable to leave the car, but he had his gaze fixed on the night sky of Yokohama, which he had so quietly longed for.

Two days before his death, he went together with his family to the cemetery on Mount Takao.

Afterward, he rode a cable car for the first time to the summit of the mountain.

From atop the tall, distant mountain peak, Jasmine You gazed endlessly at the glow of the Tokyo streets.

There's no reason now for us to know what he was thinking at that time, but we knew that the night sky was able to calm Jasmine You's mind and distract him.

The day before he passed away, we thought that it wouldn't be possible to see the fireworks over Tokyo Bay, but nevertheless, we all went up to the rooftop of his apartment complex, where he had always gone by himself to gaze at the night sky.

Due to the unfortunate weather, we weren't able to see the fireworks, but we think that because Jasmine You was so close to the sky that he was satisfied.

He was always lifting his gaze to the sky, staring at the night view, and looking up.

If any of you are ever lost or hurt amidst your long and seemingly endless lifetime, he would want you to look up at the sky, too.

Here are a few more words from Jasmine You.

"It's okay for me to face heartbreaking situations and be stopped by them, but I want to continue moving forward."

"Although everyone will meet with difficulty in their lives, I believe that I will be able to climb over that obstacle. I want to continue living."

We hope that all of you will hold Jasmine You's words and image in their hearts, and advance along your chosen paths in your own special way.

Whenever Jasmine You is reborn, please pray that he will be able to shine like he did before and take the stage again.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

From Jasmine You's family


credit: Lisa @ revenantchoir.net

That took an incredibly long time to translate, and I will not be surprised if there are mistakes (I had some difficulty) or lines I missed. The writer's style was very difficult to follow because it was written like a story, with loads of metaphors.

So, if your brain is scrambled after that and you want to know the important bits about Jasmine's last week alive:

-I am quite sure that he knew he was going to die since he had so many "final requests" including having his nails done up for the funeral.
-Jasmine's condition was so bad that he couldn't leave his apartment or get out of the car when they went to Yokohama.
-Versailles attended the funeral procession in Tokyo.
-The cremation was in Nagoya on August 12th, at 10:30am. Versailles did not attend, but Jakura did.
-The writer said that Jasmine's "colleagues" took him to Yokohama a few days before his death, not his family, so I am led to believe that she means the members of Versailles did it...
-He was cremated in his HIZAKI grace project costume because his Versailles costumes were in Tokyo.
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Messaggio da gaby93 » 22 agosto 2009, 14:26

mi mettono una tristezza incredibile questi messaggi, Jasmine....

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Messaggio da tenshiAnael » 23 agosto 2009, 12:32

Io ancora non riesco a realizzare nonostante sia già passato un pò di tempo!
tutto questo é veramente triste!T___T

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Messaggio da hi-chan » 26 agosto 2009, 11:23

I versailles hanno scritto dei messaggi sul blog del sito... Se trovate la traduzione me la potete passare? >-<

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Messaggio da Grifoncina » 26 agosto 2009, 17:28

Ho provato a tradurlo con quel paracarro di Yahoo! Babel Fish ma non si capisce una mazza =_= :

Kamijo (da tener presente che lo chiama semplicemente ''You'' ed invece che ''kun'' usa ''kimi'', quindi viene fuori un casino...) :

Still you do not know whether actuality whether dream. As for by your being able to make your because of You more without being? It repeats such an question to self our answer indeed, only blaming by your it is possible. When it tries probably to remember what, that smiling face floats first. Good quality of the personality was big ones above individual memory.
The You you being the polo [tsu] and wordplay, with everyone becoming silence, everyone the cuscus it starts laughing little by little several seconds later. We loved such a You you create warm air. In Nagoya of the band before me [raivu], extent You you whom it is possible to say by all means coming to seeing, and in some [ma] reached the point where it is together. At the time of Versailles formation, to be quick the eddy eddy where we would like to invite You you in the band you remember that it has done in good quality of atmosphere of the nature. To be quick You you and we would like to make the story of the band simultaneous. When You you and it is simultaneous, it is more pleasant, probably will be? As for the feeling You you were invited early without either the reason which stops of course. Then with as said the thing and everyday, you spoke the dream story with 3 people.
In the first place if Versailles however it is something which from the place that starts I and HIZAKI you probably will do the band together, traces the origin, the convinced offense which makes me and HIZAKI you encounter directly is You you. As for You you, however it is not the kind of person who never personally takes leadership, not only I and you were attracted to You your personality, many people met. In the calm air which You you create regardless of it dissolved and even the person whose how self insistence is strong the strange space which is included existed. The band which long time is active was lost, You you taught enjoyment again a little even future ahead for by your has not been visible. The smiling face was regained. It is the existence like the benefactor. And as a band member You you have given as [beshisuto] carrying out [metaruteisuto] of the other member and the important role which connect the song of your own song [teisuto] with simultaneously well to come, it was the senior adviser. When it reaches the limits to writing the lyric, first consulting You you, you singing by your, it will have hearing, having singing conversely and by his hearing, with two people “with this it probably will go!”The [tsu] [te] as for deciding there are many degrees. The typical ones were the lyric “of PRINCE”. We would like to convey the feeling of appreciation…. That is the word which You you always spoke, is the feeling which now I would like to convey to You you just.
To You you me choosing, thank you for. It believes directly above the amount which it believes. We loved and most as a person. Word of the appreciation which we would like to convey however excessively it is too multi, now most is the word which we would like to say. We love everyone You your thing. Still you remember that last month you spoke with two people? Because it protects promise absolutely, feeling at rest, sleeping, don't you think?. You you…Cripes being completed....
Former times “divided and” it has thought with concerning the word which is said. The answering which you put out to your own appearance was “making just good memory”. So You you “good memory” only it is during the time when you passed. Therefore “it does not divide”. So being sad, being painful, everyday like the child, putting out voice, only crying it is possible. Until this sorrow is changed into power, already a little time. Truth however we would like standing as soon as possible before everyone, now please makes You your promise most important.
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Messaggio da Grifoncina » 26 agosto 2009, 18:47

Yuki (anche lui lo chiama ''you'') :

Despair it is every day when trouble is repeated with be too harsh the actuality where it accepts as before the eye. Rearrangement of feeling not to settle, delivering voice being late to everyone and putting away the [me] it is do.
'You have applied make-up from usually, it is?' Joining to Versailles, when for the first time meeting to you, it is the first one word which is made to the aura which does not have the fact that it encounters until now, unintentionally. The impolite thing word [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] it is with thinking, the [bibi] [tsu] it is it is, but 'So the ~☆ which is' With, it was returned with the kind smiling face. The gap being intense, you have remembered even now clearly.
you angular live was pleasant in the rabbit, in regard to stage the eye contact was most partly due to rhythm party. To verify mutual condition, feeling adjusts the no [tsu] cod eye. When you makes a mistake in the phrase always, 'the [a] which becomes aware?'You have looked back at me in the [tsu] [te] feeling. The exchange being pleasant, truly we loved. Always being gag with the smiling face,… At the time of sharing a room, drinking the liquor intently, it did story with tour. When you look back, the pleasant just smiling face.
Only thing of the drum you thought, as for [vuijiyuaru] to become back burner as for tend me, enormously you were influenced in attitude, as the artist of you received stimulus and increased. When being other than that, being elegant always, it is beautiful, even with band activity 'the way of the thoroughness of Jasmine you', the [ho] it is with, it was something which can be called the professional. 'Persevering, we would not like to show the [ru] form and, so the form harshly, that', you say you. Why, each other compromising more, not being cooperated? Two years, to throw soul from formation, color it is the important member who gets over hardships. Not being able to protect that important person the [te] where the tooth goes, being regrettable, being vexatious, being vexatious, it accumulates, the plug. Still not to come out, remember either the vigor which grasps the stick and cry it is.
You worry in the member, think the fan carefully, behave kindly even around. Before being the artist, as a person important thing Sawayama study you think that it was done. If you does not stay thank you from you heart, current Versailles is the expectation which is not. It is active reopens but already a little rearrangement and time of feeling necessity everyone of the fan which it has waited, it be sure returns also because of you which loves Versailles. And accompanying the will of you, you try probably to keep walking directly from now on. you going to bed slowly, don't you think? and please watch over me et. al.
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Messaggio da Grifoncina » 26 agosto 2009, 19:04

Hizaki :

As for encountering with Jasmine You for the first time, the kana which already is about 10 years ago. Seeing in the magazine, it was stimulated interest directly. Then, in Kyoto it became directly the anti- van, went to talking first with the launch. Story something of music do completely, like the close friend from former times, nonsense conversation was enjoyed to morning. Because there was an opportunity which is improved to simultaneous, live sees Sawayama. Because it has spiritual characteristic is enormous we we liked that band, don't you think?…It was enviable with part something which are not in by yourself.
Directly, however it was the existence which becomes matter of concern as for date flowing, from by a certain day telephone, “with such member, we would like to make such band his, but it is, it doesn't make?” With so speaking that you say truly, pleasantly it increased. It was delightful for he to start moving, but it is because at that time there was my myself band, it became to refuse. Doing for a while, when it became to do solo and used voice first you could receive the reply of OK pleasantly. First however to the last it was the intention of Project, him like your own band thinking, it moved in order and, to be boosted, we kept becoming serious. That time, there are no either any which are lost, doing favorite selfishly, without either a possibility, the shelf. If the member gets together, only foolish thing saying,…
If and it becomes Versailles, as usual does favorite selfishly and gets together foolish thing however [tsu] temporary you say, as it keeps continuing activity, the proper way, those which are shouldered, it loses, we fear, numerous pressure had applied in only by your. As scale of the band becomes large, as for responsibility however benefit 々 it becomes large, 5 people enjoying the pressure, itself it being possible, thought as the [ru]. Actually, if the member got together, story of the band became many, was designed in such a way that it is chased in creation activity. Even then the band has avoided just becomes member everyone work the empty, timewise and as much as possible with 5 people to play, going to drinking, you talk, the kind of story which how it is little is good is done, you think the thing which is important to the band that it had protected. But when in change of environment and the speed which everyday life bewilderingly change, remembering confusion, two you talk well. So Jasmine You, you became tired, balance, it is drowsy when, almost it did not put out to. We something like oral habit you say and you have respected.
However the intensity which this survives in today's society and this music industry was done practically, the attitude which cooperates with member everyone did not change. The staff of the office which makes the environment which you can concentrate on your own music. Everyone has lived the earnest to do every day, life was lifted up to Versailles. The chitin it has handled role and as Jasmine You of Versailles.
While advancing recording from about the middle of July, the everyday way the member, the office, the record company repeatedly various meetings it is. Straining everyone vigor, because it fought, because you were earnest with your own thing, the everyday life which does not have the room which worries the other member continued.
However the expression [kitsu] [ku] [te], [zubazuba] it is truth to end of a certain meeting, “with the Kansai valve, thinking my for the sake of, saying, the [te] it is enormous, it is delightful.”While with, that day laughing for the first time a little, you called. Extremely even with interview before, being such a thing, the seed. But the separation case of that day, as for we you think and [tsu] drill crying are and the [chi] [ya] [tsu] it is are “HIZAKI you produced, the highest guitarist while barely swaying the shoulder, being such a it is good being able to do together” word, were delightful.
Live August 3rd was lonesome above the customer. Looking at the image of that day, in order for he, to be, it is visible. The person who comes so it has been visible it is the kana which is not. If forward if it was not, with however you had warned by your unreasonably, it was harsh after all lonesomely. However it met to the following day a little, but vigor so it is to feel at rest it is,… It was Jasmine You at the time of any. Although it believes that in heart returning it returns once upon a time.
And August 9th ...... It cried the telephone crossing over. You did not know and whether dream whether actuality increasing scream without either the way, you cried. Until it settles, time was required, met to the member and cried. Then several days passing, when the night is attacked lonely, the tear does not continue to stop.
Those where you remember the just smiling face. As for looking at the face which so has been done truly delightfully lastly, the ballad which is the schedule which is inserted in the new album met, but it is when the field tune completes, was. Happening to think in Fukuoka in tour, when just the rust adjusting lightly at the studio of that day, the extent where this is surprised it had been excited. However several months, first it had inquiring about completion, like the child, and the reaction like the fan is shown. Always the circumstances being delightful, looking at the reaction, whether or not adoption deciding, the seed. “Don't you think? that highest, it is good, -, it is good without fail, it is splendid”, that the word which is said is applied. Past highest long time, being such a word, it was delightful. Here that so as for the face you saw recently and highest delightfully the [re] were not and, being delightful, although being patient the fact that it cries, you hear many times with two people.
As for you, some memory remaining, [ru] kana? Therefore the expectation which makes the cute memory of innumerable extent together with Versailles, now we want reviewing slowly. So asking, it increases.
Still it cannot rearrange feeling at all and, as for the road ahead this it does not continue to be visible yet. Perhaps answering by your why you are good, it cannot put out. It believes that so, he illuminates our roads once upon a time and leads. It receives Sawayama's message, waits and the [te] the person who gives is, it felt keenly the fact that the person who is believed is. It has had feeling the message which is conveyed to Jasmine You and simultaneous with 5 people appreciating, it increases the fact that it is rescued in everyone.
Therefore now, relaxing, just it went to healing…When it settles and you probably will drink. Like of the time before being able to tell the gag which was calculated from before the nonsense story and some minute. However only jasmine brown drinks directly from formation, being intoxicated, [porotsu] “just a little you grew tired, it is, don't you think? -”, the secret the how good way teaching. Because each other the form which is intoxicated we would not like to show, the key of the rest room while you close collapsing, the [ru] it did, was and also the [tsu] was serious, don't you think?. Passing out, to support mutually, you walked it is not…
Inquiring about the tune of Chopin's separation, you remember [ru] and Jasmine You. Already, hundreds times you probably hear to today. There is a beautiful, kind, but delicacy extreme phase. As for that soul with to always there is a heart. That love does not go out under any condition. The love which Jasmine You teaches spreads without going out and keeps being succeeded unlimited probably will be.
- To Jasmine You, and Isamu -
Like the beautiful butterfly where the feather is extended freely even from now on please whirl. Don't you think? sometimes the honey of the rose coming to inhaling. Good bye because how you cannot say, thank you. In addition don't you think?.  
- From the fellow who loves the rose -
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Messaggio da Grifoncina » 26 agosto 2009, 19:13

Teru (anche lui lo chiama semplicemente ''You'') :

August 9th, You died. Being sad, being sad, being sad,…Even dressing up calmness difficult everyday life continued. Already however one week or more it passed, the death of You yet you not being accepted, it is.
When several years ago, looking at live of the sparrow 羅 of the predecessor band of You, you remember that in flashiness and the individual performance which are conspicuous conspicuously in You it has become nailing clearly. For the first time when speaking, being polite vis-a-vis junior me, being weird, the form which carries out the individual world was impressive.
Versailles to be formed, " The band " where the strongest member gets together; The [tsu] [te] it was possible for I to have the self-confidence which is said. Because this 2 year half, they were these five people, it comes to here and the [re] is to do you think that numerous miracle could be caused. With live as for You it stayed always in my next door. You passion was strong very to live, directing to live well, moved with two people and previously arranged performance. With the eye contact in live becoming the mutual smiling face and/or to shift painfully, always being soon you were moved the live air by together. I am the [torabu] [tsu] the time, always following instantaneously, heart it was very strong.
As for live August 3rd faces with 4 people, stage felt strangely widely. That time as for me however the guitar was repelled in [gamushiyara], " " where the person who should stay does not stay; So it was live just the loneliness which is felt remains.
It was the senior as for You for me. Even with privacy, many following were done in me of ignorant of the world. It had teaching many things such as greeting and advising of courtesy don't you think? it was the person where the trouble seeing is good without being proud and, vis-a-vis the junior. As a bandsman was learned you think that mental attitude. When boiling down, also enormous power has been received at the word one of You. Because “as for TERU you the charm which is not I is a large quantity, self-confidence having!” With it had encouraging well. You use the air vis-a-vis whoever, not to talk everything, oh you cannot know the strange kind of feeling which is on the other side of one wall high, is. As a senior, harshly as for showing sheath weakness almost it was not in me. Always to be kind the time, it had supported harshly. As for me perhaps however, it was the junior where the hand catches, many things we wanted teaching, is….
These several days, " Death " You thought deeply with concerning those which are said. Thinking, thinking,…So it is not understood after all, the [te]. Perhaps, when it does, perhaps it has the future which is different. So as for the technique it is not understood eternally, it is. You it will cut the everyday life which was passed and as for me you try probably to keep living in heart. The miracle which is caused with five people is the treasure.
Before entering into long-term recreation, when meeting, separation occasion, thank you for doing many following “in You.” With, the I was gratitude. As for You the usual way shine with laughing it returned. Never, this becomes last, how you did not think. Result and it was possible lastly to convey the feeling of appreciation directly,…. Still for a while as for the separation you do not know whether you can say. It is not the separation, me as for the feeling which would like to keep holding always even from now on " Appreciation " Is.
You thank you truly.
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Messaggio da Grifoncina » 26 agosto 2009, 20:45

Insomma, si capisce poco ma qualcosa si capisce, sono ancora completamente avvolti dal dolore... :( Vi riporto le frasi che mi hanno colpito di più :

Kamijo : ''non mi resta altro che piangere a dirotto come un bambino'' Yuki : ''due anni insieme a lavorare senza sosta con il risultato di aver gettato via un'anima, non siamo stati capaci di proteggere un amico, siamo stati troppo egoisti, il rimpianto diventa sempre più grande''
Hizaki : ''i giorni e le notti passano, ma continuo a piangere''
Teru : ''tristezza, tristezza, solo tristezza... non riesco ancora ad accettare''

Mi fa pensare che siano ancora lontano dal riprendersi...
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Messaggio da hi-chan » 27 agosto 2009, 0:45

Cavolo... Solo leggendo questi messaggi posso capire, in parte, come stanno. Traducendo con il traduttore di google mi sono imbattuta in una parte del testo di hizaki dove diceva che quando l'ha saputo ha cominciato a piangere e urlare. Mi sono veniti sinceramente i brividi a pensare alla scena, a pensare alla disperazione o all'odio che hanno provato verso un qualcuno che ha lasciato che Jasmine morisse.
Sono rimasta colpita anche quando ho saputo che hime e you si conoscevano da 10 anni. Sono cosi tanti...

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Messaggio da Grifoncina » 27 agosto 2009, 2:27

Anch'io non lo sapevo si conoscessero da 10 anni. :?
Vero, anche la parte di Hizaki che dice che, quando é venuto a sapere della morte di Jasmine, s'é messo a piangere e urlare, é straziante... se anche uno come lui così perfettino, così principessa, é riuscito a perdere le staffe e a lasciarsi andare al dolore, si può immaginare come si sentano.

Mi ha fatto anche riflettere la parte in cui Teru dice che il 3 Agosto hanno tenuto il loro primo live senza Jasmine You, perché era già malato, e l'atmosfera era strana, si sentiva che qualcosa mancava, non c'era la solita atmosfera.

Anche se andranno avanti, niente sarà più come prima.
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