Every Little Thing: ELT Songs from L.A. (Cover Album)


Every Little Thing


ELT Songs from L.A. (Cover Album)

Data uscita:

25 Agosto 1999


1. Tatoe tooku hanarete temo (feat. Marilyn Martin)

2. Ima demo... anata ga suki dakara (feat. Tommy Funderburk)

3. Over and Over (feat. Jason Scheff)

4. Face the change (feat. Amy Sky)

5. Future World (feat. Philip Ingram)

6. For the moment (feat. Mary Ramsey)

7. All along (feat. Tanya Kelly)

8. Dear My Friend (feat. Joseph Williams)

9. Time goes by (feat. Nataria)

10. Looking Back On Your Love (feat. Lalah Hathaway)

11. Here and everywhere (feat. Javetta Steele)

12. Deatta koro no you ni (feat. Kuk Harrell Choir)