Dreaming Night

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Dreaming Night

Messaggio da DeborahArena » 22 febbraio 2019, 17:43

I have dream Kazuno Moi dix Mois, PROJECT TO EVIL!😍

I was around in my city to a certain point i have feel two hands towards my eyes and a deep voice have told me look who is behind you!

I have look behind me and i have seen Kazuno!

Kazuno was dressed in black was very hot

with an amazing hair style yeah!

Kazuno had the boots black.

I have hug Kazuno with a hug bear lol and i have told to Kazuno come with me!

Kazuno is coming with me and i have offer to Kazuno a great Ice cream was Chocolate with Nuts cream and with up Cream because Kazuno wanted this tasty of Ice crema, then we are gone in my home and we have seen a Japanese movie horror Grudge!

Then was arrived the time for Kazuno to go away the last words was Love you Kazuno!

Kazuno have told me me too!

see you!

Well i have wake up in tears i hope of meet Kazuno someday!💜😘

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